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Lead Generation

Recuva has formed a strategic alliance with many  Top Leading clients in UK | USA | Australia | Canada. We believe in generating Qualifiable Leads Instead of only Quantities. We provide real leads with high conversion rate of productivity. Better lead generation leads to better sales – we’ll show you how to sell more, sell sooner, and sell more often.


Our sales & Marketing team provide services across multiple geographies and languages, providing a 24x7 customer support and customized staffing solution to address fluctuating volumes. We provide real time updates and track the sales.  We believe in finding customers for your products and generate your revenue.

Bespoke solutions

Recuva helps you grow revenue by focusing efforts on new markets, whether it be a new vertical focus, a new geographical region or up selling a new product. Rather than incurring the expense of hiring an internal team to move into a new market, let us help you get traction quickly with no overhead costs. We work closely with you to develop a successful inside sales program to build pipeline in your new market.

Back Office Support

Back office tasks are not the primary functions of an organisation but they are necessary for keeping an organisation running. Since our inception, we have been providing back office services to our clients spread across various industry verticals. Our back office solutions are accurate, cost effective and customised according to the specific business requirements of our clients. From complex work flows to simple tasks, we cap them all.


Recuva Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a growing software company in IT World. Recuva Technologies Pvt Ltd is specialized to provide the complete Lead Generation | Sales | Bespoke Solution | Back Office Support small and large enterprises. We provide the best Hot Key Leads Transfer for UK | US |Australia. Our company deals with providing Grand stream products and supports.

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