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Build positive relationships with our cloud-based call centre software

Our contact centre solutions offer much more than just automated dialling; they help you manage your customer relationships more effectively. With multi-channel support and cloud-based solutions, your workforce is free to work remotely, helping you provide 24/7 services to your customers.

Improved Collaboration One of the many advantages of the Primo call centre software is the ability to route calls exactly where they need to go. Customer service queries can be sent to your customer care team while new business queries can be fielded directly to your sales agents.

Reduced Costs Using VOIP protocols and a technology that is based in the cloud, means your business can save money on the traditional infrastructure costs associated with wired telephony networks. Another benefit is that calls costs are kept low as all calls are handled over the internet.

Improved Call Handling From your sales agents to your customer service teams, our call centre software will help your staff made more calls each hour and minimise the time spent off the phones. With the ability to analyse and track calls, managers have access to the real-time data that they need.

Contact centre software that supports your business For any call or contact centre, it’s important to choose a solution that fits in with how your business works and the processes that you use. At Primo Dialler our software has built-in workflow management which allows your business to

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