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Description Vonia TE-350 have dedicated headset port and led display with caller line identification, redial button, flash button and other advanced features to ensure complete clients' satisfaction.

Product Highlights

  • RJ09 Headset supported.
  • Redial button: push to redial button the last dialed number
  • 100/120/180/300/600/1000ms Flash time adjustable
  • Flash button: used to create flash when using call waiting, or when used with a PBX system
  • Headset and Handset volume adjustable
  • Mute button: places call on mute
  • Tone/pulse dial mode choice
  • 24 Groups 16 digits incoming number memories
  • 7 Groups 16 digits outgoing number memories
  • Ringer volume Hi-Low adjustable
  • High quality voice talking, noise cancellation microphone.


  • Line In Yes
  • Line Out No
  • Headset Port Yes
  • Headset Type RJ
  • Caller Line Identification YES
  • Mute Yes
  • Power Source In Line & Battery
  • Auto Call Answer No
  • Loud Speaker Yes

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